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Make your
stand out

Whether you are selling or letting, the PIP Pack from The Property Intelligence People, enables you to create the perfect marketing tool for each property easily and quickly – giving your business a real advantage.

The PiP Pack
will help you
win by:

  • Providing an innovative marketing USP
  • Revolutionise your property particulars
  • Dedicated Residential Sales & Lettings versions
  • Many more benefits, speak to us to find out more

Slick and easy

Need to deliver effective, professional presentations? The PiP Pack is ideal. You can have both professionally printed and interactive digital formats for quick and easy distribution to clients or for publishing to your website or chosen portals.

The intelligent and effective way to sell or rent property

In today’s market, it’s never been more important for your properties to have an edge over the competition. And the PiP Pack from The Property Intelligence People gives you just that.

It brings together the established format of property particulars with up-to-date official data to create a truly complete and bespoke guide for each property and the surrounding area – and it’s proving extremely popular with both buyers and sellers.

With online and printed formats the PiP Pack gives you complete flexibility, enabling you to promote your various services for extra profit opportunities – something over 450 agents across the UK have already found invaluable.

Why the PiP Pack

  • Helps you win business – sellers, tenants and buyers love it!
  • Gives you a tangible edge over competitors
  • Offers extra profit opportunities by featuring other services
  • Fast and simple online process
  • Over 450 agents already benefit from it